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AddieUP - Does it work?

There comes a time in our lives when most of us feel that we need an extra boost for one reason or another. Whether it is to study for a tough exam, to get through a difficult patch or simply to feel better about our days it can sometimes be necessary to find something which perks us up and gives us more energy.

AddieUp is NowOf course, one of the big dangers here is in taking the risk of becoming addicted to prescription medicines which we become dependent upon to keep our energy levels high and a positive frame of mind.

This is why it is always a good idea to look for stimulants which we can take in the mid to long term without worrying about side effects, addiction issues or anything like that.

Well Recognized Ingredients

One approach to doing this which is growing increasingly popular is through the use of natural herbs and stimulants, and one of the products you may already have heard of is called AddieUP.

addieUP-choline.jpgThis herbal supplement includes such natural ingredients as guaraná and yerba mate, with choline, gingkgo biloba, huperzia serrata A and caffeine anhydrous making up the rest of the list of ingredients.

This potent mixture of stimulants means that it is proving popular with people who want to concentrate more fully and those who need more energy or even to improve their memory. However, perhaps the biggest benefit is the fact that it is described as a gentle stimulant which won’t cause you to crash in the way which other methods might do.

AddieUP with GuaranaThe likes of guaraná and yerba mate have long been recognized by South American natives as powerful natural stimulants but this is the first product which brings together all of these different ingredients in one safe and easy to take capsule. It is recommended on the official product site for studying, working and for better mental clarity.

The fact that the ingredients have been carefully selected and combined means that it is a well thought out combination which brings many different qualities to the user. For example, guaraná is well known for its antioxidants and the boost it provides to our brains.

Yerba - Natural Mood EnhancerMeanwhile, yerba mate has been popular with Argentines and Brazilians for centuries due to its mood enhancing and mind stimulating properties, which some studies have rated as being among the highest in any naturally occurring stimulant.

The firm’s literature states that AddieUP will give you energy, focus and concentration, something which even a cursory glance at the list of ingredients would appear to back up fully.

A Natural Substitute for Some Users

An interesting theme in the user reviews on sites like Amazon is how many people have started taking AddieUP as a natural substitute for the likes of Adderall.

One great review comes from the user named Joe, who talks about being able to get what he calls a “nice, clean focus”. Arjay585 is another reviewer on Amazon who talks about a similar sort of situation. They explain how they have “enjoyed” their life more since they started taking AddieUP instead of Adderall. Perhaps the most inspiring story of all comes from Bredi, whose tale is told on the official product site.

Her son Julien was diagnosed with Aspergers and the transition to AddieUP from a prescription medicine has left him “focused, clear minded, energetic and happy”.

This short sample of the online reviews which are around give us a good idea of the different types of situation in which people are taking this product and the sort of effect which it is having on their lives.

Warnings about AddieUP

So what do you need to be aware of if you are interested in taking this product? Well, the most critical reviews online tend to simply point out that the capsules didn’t produce the desired effect. This is something which can happen with any sort of stimulant, whether it is coffee, a prescription drug or something like this.

addieUP-caffeine.jpgOur bodies all react in different way to these things and the only way you will know how yours will react is to try it. If you feel in need of the kind of boost which it offers then you are either going to receive this or be left feeling a little disappointed that it doesn’t seem to give you the effect which it does for some many other users.

There appear to be no internet reviews of any users who experienced anything more unpleasant than a lack of success in getting a boost and maybe a slightly unpleasant taste in their mouth. This means that it is safe to try for yourself in order to see what it does for you.

Trying AddieUP Now

Get 50% AddieUP use code: new2addieupOne helpful aspect of this product is that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee from the company website.  If you are ready for a bigger order then you could buy three Bottles.  There are single bottle options as well. 

It is recommended that you take no more than 3 capsules in any one 24 hour period, so one of the bigger bulk orders should last you for a fairly long time.

You can also come across special coupons which will give you a healthy discount off the product and which might tempt you to use the saving in order to buy one of the bigger packs.

The Verdict

This product combines some great natural ingredients in a simple, easy to take capsule. Most people who take it should find that it does exactly what they bought it for.


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Lori spends part of her days wondering how to combine her two loves, natural products and helping people. She’s always happy to share her passion.

Lori spends part of her days wondering how to combine her two loves, natural products and helping people. She’s always happy to share her passion....